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Is Fragrance in Skincare Really "That" Bad? - Husk & Seed

Is Fragrance in Skincare Really "That" Bad?

Is Fragrance in Skincare Really "That" Bad?

Pretty much anything can be encompassed in a fragrance. Due to a lack of tighter regulations, brands don't have to disclose individual fragrant ingredients, and instead, they can just list "parfum" on their INCI list. Big Companies can hide thousands of harmful ingredients in this one label: parfum/fragrance. 


Husk & Seed Skincare products are vegan, botanical and synthetic-free. We lightly scent our products with gentle blends of essential oil, for example The Overnight Replenishing Oil contains organic jasmine from Egypt and Mailette Lavender from our local farm for its scent. Nothing artificial can be found in any of our products. 


One of the reasons we started making skincare years ago is because of our own desire to make products safe for skin sensitivities and for pregnant women (Wendy was massaging women in pregnancy looking for natural skincare they felt would be safe to use!)  Since 2018 our skincare has been helping to soothe the skin for many who have become irritated by other products on the market and looking for transparency on the label.


Our products have a botanical smell to them from the plant oils contained in the blend. The methods we use to hand blend whisk and pour our products maintain their efficacy and freshness and ensure they will do their very best job for your skin.

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