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Calm your skin, Unwind your mind.

Calm your skin, Unwind your mind.

Waterless. Cruelty Free. Vegan. 


Take a moment today & fill it with whatever makes you happy.


"I literally can’t manage without this amazing product. Since using it, my skin looks wonderful and people often comment on the way my skin looks for my age. The oils replenish my skin overnight so I wake up looking and feeling pretty good. I also use the day time oil to boost my skin at the weekend. These girls have created a magic potion and I just love it."


"All these products are just amazing. They smell great, they make the skin feel and look nice and the customer service is brilliant."


"I find this facial oil very beneficial for mature skin. Light but nourishing. The delicate aroma is just right for bedtime skincare regime. Using the oil as an all-in-one substitute for eye cream as well means that getting ready for bed is even quicker - perfect."


We formulate high performance, waterless products with pure, wildcrafted and organic ingredients that show results.

A touch of mindfulness

As experienced therapists we understand the effect that stress has on your skin. We bring a touch of mindfulness to your daily routine that will restore your skin, quiet your mind and leave you feeling more grounded.


Gentle support for your skin

Your skin goes through so many changes when going through life and as we mature our skin naturally loses water and the natural oils produced in it, causing it to become dry. Dehydrated skin can start to feel irritated and flaky. It's important to have a gentle, consistent, natural day and night skincare routine.


Moments just for you

The simple practice of applying a face mask and taking it off with a warm cloth can sometimes feel like an act of radical self care. Taking a moment for yourself is grounding and keeps your skin looking it’s best. Regardless of who is banging on the door.


About our founders

Hello, it’s lovely to meet you! We’re Kelly and Wendy. Between us we are qualified in skincare formulation, acupressure, reflexology, reiki, nutrition, women’s health and psychotherapy.

As therapists we know that the inside affects the outside and we’ve seen how the stresses of daily life can take its toll on your skin.

We have formulated highly effective, waterless skincare that offers a moment of calm amidst the craziness of daily life!

Our rituals are created for you. This is your moment. Enjoy!


Husk & Seedlings | Facial Collection Sample Set

Experience the products and see how your skin feels before committing to the full sizes! Each sample is lovingly blended and filled by hand by us.

Anyone wanting try our facial products before committing to full sizes. Because we understand how fussy skin can be!

Our creamy balms and luscious oils will cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and moisturise the skin, while leaving you just that little bit calmer and relaxed.

This kit also includes an exclusive code for 10% off your next order


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