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Our products are suitable for everyone, but we specialise in helping women in (peri)menopause whose skin has become unbalanced due to hormonal changes.

Love the skin you're in with our hyper fresh, plant-based skincare.

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Welcome to Husk & Seed

We are Kelly & Wendy, founders of Husk & Seed Skincare. Our indie brand was born from our joint expertise in holistic therapy and a passion for the benefits of natural ingredients that can be used in skincare to repair and protect your skin’s barrier.

We believe that nature offers everything we need for clear and glowing skin. Husk & Seed Skincare products are 100% natural and are waterless – which means more room for all the good stuff and the need for preservatives is completely eliminated! Husk & Seed Skincare offers 100% natural botanical skincare products to calm your skin and unwind your mind.

Not all skincare is the same

Clever advertising encourages us to buy over-the-counter products that are loaded with false promises and harsh, toxic ingredients that are absorbed into our bodies. Every one of our skincare products is free from alcohol, parabens, synthetic ingredients, palm oil, artificial fragrances and water and we insist that all beauty products should be cruelty free.

Our formulations are so concentrated that just a tiny amount of product is needed per application – no bigger than your fingernail. So don’t be fooled by our cute, miniature tins and jars in the starter kits, each scoop packs a punch of 100% natural, skincare goodness and a little goes a very long way!

How Your Skin Changes in (Peri) Menopause

As you go through menopause, your skin will go through some changes. These changes are caused by a decline in estrogen levels, which affects the production of collagen and elastin. When these two proteins decline, your skin becomes thinner, drier, and more wrinkled.

You may notice that your skin feels drier, duller, fine lines might appear more prominent or you might even have the return of acne from your teenage years!

During this time of change we want to be looking after our skin in the gentlest way possible.

Sustainable storytelling

The Shea Nilotica butter we use in many of our balms provides women in Fair-Trade Co-operatives in East Africa with secured incomes for their families. This raw material has made significant positive impacts on communities by creating new – and strengthening existing – infrastructure for so many that have been in need of assistance.

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Zero waste ingredients

We only use up-cycled, cold-pressed fruit oils created from seeds, nuts and pulps that are by-products of the food and juice industries. During the cold-pressing process these fruit seeds are crushed using a screw press mechanism to extract the oil. This method avoids using heat or chemicals which can damage the nutritional qualities of the product.

A couple of examples are our cold-pressed raspberry seed oil made from seeds leftover from the fruit juice and jam industry and our avocado oil made from pits collected from the food processing industry and any damaged ‘wonky’ avocados that are not suitable to be sold as fruit.

These processes result in 100% material use – so no waste for the planet. Win-win!

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