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The Heart and Hands Behind Our Skincare - Husk & Seed

The Heart and Hands Behind Our Skincare

Why We Choose Natural & Handcrafted Over Factory Processing

For over six years, our passion at Husk & Seed Skincare has been handcrafting 100% natural, exceptional skincare. We haven't let our growth sway us from this dedication – every product remains lovingly handmade in small batches, and it always will be. It’s more than just a business; it's a labour of love!

  1. The Art of Small-Batch Production

Unlike factory processes, which often involve harsh chemicals and high-volume production, our approach is the opposite. We create small batches of skincare with meticulous attention to detail. This allows us to ensure the quality and freshness of every product. There's an artistry to blending the ingredients, infusing them with care, and packaging them with pride.

  1. Freshness You Can Feel

Factory-made products often sit on shelves for extended periods of time. Our handcrafted approach ensures you receive the freshest ingredients, bursting with their natural benefits. The invigorating scent of essential oils and the luxurious texture of our balms is a sensory experience that factory-produced products simply can't replicate!

  1. Connecting with Nature's Ingredients

When you craft skincare by hand, you develop an intimate relationship with the ingredients. Each botanical oil tells a story. We source these natural treasures carefully and locally where we can and prioritise organic and sustainable options whenever possible. There's a joy in knowing where our ingredients come from and the many benefits they have for your skin!

  1. Transparency and Trust

When you choose handcrafted, you're choosing transparency. You know exactly what goes into our products, and there are no hidden ingredients, no suspicious chemicals. Our labels are clear and honest, because we want you to feel confident in what you're putting on your skin.

  1. A Sustainable Choice

Handcrafting skincare is often a more sustainable practice. We minimise waste, use eco-friendly packaging, and reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing locally whenever possible. It's a conscious choice to create products that are kind to both your skin and the planet.

  1. The Heart of It All

Our handcrafted skincare is more than a product – it's a passion, a philosophy, a way of life. It's about connecting with nature, honouring the artistry of small-batch production, and offering you personalised care you can trust. We believe that when you use our skincare, you're not just nourishing your skin, you're experiencing the love and care we put into every bottle! We put our heart into these products, and we hope you feel the love when you use them!

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