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When Life Unsettles You

So, this week at the Meadow headquarters Wendy and I have been feeling a bit unsettled! We both have children going off to secondary school in September and on Monday we received confirmation of their school place, which has made it all very real!  Suddenly our babies are off into the big wide world and neither of us are ready for the change!  Of course, we’re both so proud of our children and we know they’ll do amazing things, but inside we’re terrified!  I know from my years working as a psychotherapist how unsettling change can be for people. We all develop our own coping strategies, some healthy and some not so healthy.  Change is an inevitable part of life and it can be amazing, but sometimes it just makes us feel anxious.

When I feel unsettled, l turn to my anchors, things in my life that are constant and don’t change.  These are little self-care rituals that I know will make me feel more grounded, that don’t involve too much effort (this might include pouring myself a large glass of red! 😊) I refer to these acts as rituals and not routines because to me a routine is mundane, something that is done automatically without much thought.  A ritual is something that involves being present, mindful and done with intention.

One of my rituals involves 5 minutes of meditation in the morning. I use the Serenity app, which is perfect for me as the sessions are short and sweet, but I do feel the benefits.  Its particularly helpful for those moments when your thoughts go into overdrive and you need to calm your mind.

Another one of my anchors is the Meadow Skincare ritual, that I do in the evening.  I can’t emphasise enough the benefits of having a good, consistent skincare ritual for both your skin and your mind. We know that when you’re stressed, your skin is stressed.  The stress hormone cortisol can set off an inflammatory response throughout the body, including the skin.  Inflammation can break down skin-plumping collagen and can exacerbate skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Our ritual will reduce your stress levels and leave your skin calm and glowing! www.meadowskincare.co.uk/shop/ritual-box

How it helps:

● Skincare is self-care.  It provides a moment for yourself, away from the hustle bustle of life!

● The physical act of massaging your face can lower your heart rate and is great for lymphatic drainage.

● Taking some deep breaths of our essential oil blends will help reduce anxiety, calm your mind and promote a good night’s sleep.

● It gives you the time to see how your skin actually feels rather than engaging in a robotic process of   cleansing and moisturising.

● Your skin will benefit from the regular removal of dead skin cells and the nourishing effects of our botanical ingredients.

● It’s a healthy coping mechanism to deal with stress and anxiety.

I’d love to hear what little strategies or rituals you have that help you when you feel unsettled.  DM me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know!

Kelly, Co-Founder


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