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Before Husk & Seed Skincare was born Wendy ran her own pre-natal massage therapy business for 13 years, offering a variety of holistic treatments including reflexology, reiki and acupressure. Kelly ran her own psychotherapy practice for 10 years offering long-term therapy for adults. Weaving through her life was a passion for natural remedies, which eventually lead to her undertaking a skincare formulation qualification.

When Kelly and Wendy met at the school gates in 2012 they became fast friends after finding out they were both professional therapists. Their fate was sealed and the Husk & Seed journey began!

As therapists they know that the inside affects the outside and have seen how the stresses of daily life can take its toll on your skin. So they have formulated highly effective, plant-based skincare that offers a moment of calm amidst the craziness of daily life! Calm your skin, unwind your mind.


Kelly's Ritual

"At the end of a long day the first thing I do is take off my bra. The second thing is take off my make-up. Both give me that ‘aaahhhh’ feeling, that helps me to wind down and feel more relaxed after a busy day! Most people clean their face before bedtime, but I start my cleansing routine as soon as I’m home for the day, which can sometimes be straight from the school run. I like to get all the day’s dirt and grime off my face as soon as possible, but also, I genuinely cannot wait to get our cleansing balm onto my face! I don’t have time for lengthy beauty routines with two kids and a busy job, but I do take 5 minutes every day for myself to do a proper cleanse. This is the most important step in achieving clear skin." - Kelly, Co-Founder

Wendy's Ritual

"For me, the Husk & Seed ritual isn’t just about keeping my skin looking its best, it’s also about taking 5 minutes of the day where, a bit like the meditating, I can stop and breathe (with the added bonus of some healing and calming essential oils). I love the feeling of the hot cloth on my face. I can physically feel my shoulders easing and the muscles around my eyes relaxing. The steam helps release the essential oils from the cleansing balm to help unwind my mind so I feel more grounded, less anxious and ready to tackle my next task." - Wendy, Co-Founder