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Guide to mature skin - Husk & Seed

Guide to mature skin

We are all about pro-ageing at Husk & Seed Skincare. It’s a privilege denied to many  so we want to embrace it in every way we can, and with lovely skin of course! It's natural for our skin to change as we age. We will develop lines and wrinkles and  our complexion might look less vibrant, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have healthy, glowing skin!  

Understanding Mature Skin 

Here's what happens to our skin as we get older: 

  • Decreased Collagen & Elastin: These proteins keep skin firm and plump. Their decline causes wrinkles and sagging.
  • Slower Cell Turnover: Dead skin cells build up, causing dullness. Dryness: Oil production decreases, leading to tight, flaky skin.
  • Sensitivity: Skin becomes thinner and more easily irritated.

Most skincare products on the market targeted for mature skin contain harsh  chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or drying ingredients that can irritate and  exacerbate dryness. Plant-based ingredients provide a soothing and nourishing  experience. While natural skincare won't magically erase all signs of aging, it can  profoundly nourish, protect, and revitalise mature skin. Switching to natural  products offers a gentler, more holistic approach that supports your skin's natural  health and beauty, promoting a radiant, youthful glow at any age. 

The Power of Natural Skincare 

  1. Cleanse Gently: Avoid harsh cleansers that can strip the skin and damage your moisture barrier. If your skin feels squeaky after you cleanse, then you’ve stripped away all your skin’s natural oils, which can trigger all sorts of skin issues. Our Gently  Nourishing Cleansing Balm is formulated using natural plant oils and butters  including pumpkin seed oil and capuacu butter to deliver nutrients to the skin  instead of stripping it. It gently removes dirt, toxins, SPF, and all make-up (including  waterproof mascara).
  2. Exfoliate lightly: Skin can also be intolerant of chemical exfoliators, such as retinol, AHA’s or BHA’s. Our skin naturally exfoliates by itself, so we only need to do a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week to give our skin a helping hand in removing dull,  dead skin cells. Our Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliant is blended with oat, jojoba  and hibiscus powders and avocado oil to restore radiance to the most sensitive of  skin and allows other skincare products to absorb better. The uplifting sweet orange  essential oil will also uplift the senses! 
  3. Nourish skin: Face masks deliver targeted nutrients and hydration to mature skin, combatting dryness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our calm and Soothe Face Mask is a modern twist on a traditional clay mask as it won't  crack or feel tight. The cucumber and broccoli seed oils in the formulation are great  for healing and nourishing the skin and it can be left on overnight to reduce any  redness or inflammation.  
  4. Moisturise deeply: It’s vital to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised as we age. Our Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm is a game changer for dry, lacklustre skin. Packed with babassu butter, argan oil, sea buckthorn oil and rosehip oil, this plant based powerhouse will deliver that much needed moisture boost back into your  skin. 

5. Sunscreen, always! Sun protection is essential at any age. Use a broad-spectrum  SPF 30 or higher daily.

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