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Guide to Super-Sensitive Skin. - Husk & Seed

Guide to Super-Sensitive Skin.

Calming the Storm: A Guide to Natural Skincare for Super-Sensitive Skin 

Living with super-sensitive skin can feel like navigating a minefield. One wrong product and  suddenly, your face is a landscape of redness, irritation, and discomfort. Wendy and I both have  very sensitive skin, so we understand how difficult it can be. But fear not fellow sensitive souls!  There is hope in our 100% natural skincare formulations that will cater to your skin’s delicate  needs.  

Why is natural better for super-sensitive skin? 

Conventional skincare often contains harsh chemicals, fragrances, and alcohol, which can trigger  flare-ups in sensitive skin, particularly with skin conditions such as rosacea. Natural products, on  the other hand, are typically blended with plant-based ingredients that are gentler and less likely  to cause irritation. Our super-sensitive skincare range is formulated without essential oils as we  know these can sometimes be a trigger for very sensitive skin types.  

Essential Tips for Super-Sensitive Skin: 

  • Less is More: Avoid layering multiple products and stick to a simple routine focused on cleansing, moisturising, and protecting (with an SPF!)
  • Patch Test: Before applying any new product to your face, do a patch test on a small area of your inner arm and wait 24 hours to see if there's any reaction.
  • Know Your Triggers: Identify ingredients that commonly irritate your skin and avoid them like the plague! Common culprits include fragrances, alcohol, and sulphates. Listen to Your Skin: Pay attention to how your skin reacts to different products and adjust your routine accordingly.  

Our Natural Heroes for Super-Sensitive Skin:

  • Super-Sensitive Cleansing Oil

Our 100% plant-based cleansing oil is packed with cold-pressed raspberry and avocado oils to  gently cleanse delicate skin. It leaves skin clean, plump and moisturised. It doesn’t strip away  your skin’s natural barrier, so you won’t be left with that horrible tight feeling! It removes all  make-up (including waterproof mascara), SPF and toxins. It is a lighter alternative to our  cleansing balm so can also be enjoyed as a gentle morning cleanse.  

  • Super-Sensitive Facial Oil

This potent blend of plant seed oils, including cold-pressed poppy seed, perilla and meadowfoam,  delivers essential nutrients to your skin. After application your skin feels soft, dewy and  revitalised. It deeply hydrates and will restore your natural glow without irritation. Free from  harsh chemicals and essential oils, this formula is kind to even the most reactive skin.  

This oil multitasks as your day and night moisuriser, your eye care and it can also be layered under  the Hydration Boost Moisturising balm as a lightweight serum for an extra boost of hydration.  

  • Super-Sensitive Body Balm

Deeply nourish your skin with our fragrance-free body balm. If you are sensitive to scent, or  simply don’t like it, this fragrance-free body balm is your go-to for a 100% natural body  moisturiser. Formulated with apricot, mango and murumuru butters, this velvety balm soaks  into skin, leaving it deeply hydrated and replenished. It’s excellent at reducing stretch marks and  scars due to the healing properties of the plant butters and oils and is the perfect balm to apply  post-shave if you suffer with razor rash or shaving bumps! 

Perfect for: 

  • Sensitive skin that reacts to fragrances
  • Those seeking a calming, scent-free experience
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals
  • People with scent allergies or sensitivities
  • Ultra-Protective Lip & Hand Balm

This wonder balm has evolved into being more than just a lip & hand balm and can be used  anywhere that needs some TLC... hands, lips, cuticles, elbows, knees, eyelids. It’s brilliant on sore, 

dry patches caused by eczema, psoriasis or irritation. It offers calming relief and promotes skin  repair. Say goodbye to sore cracked lips and hands with our blend of apricot, oat, illipe and kokum  butters, all known for their deeply moisturising properties. 


  • Consult a dermatologist: If you have any concerns about your skin, consult a dermatologist for personalised advice.
  • Patience is key: It may take some time to find a natural skincare routine that works for you. Be patient and experiment until you discover what your skin loves.

By embracing natural skincare and following these tips, you can create a gentle routine that calms  your super sensitive skin and leaves it feeling healthy, happy, and radiant. Remember, less is  more, listen to your skin, and enjoy the journey!

Give our Super Sensitive Collection a try! 

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