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Guide to teenage skin. - Husk & Seed

Guide to teenage skin.

We have lots of customers who ask us if Husk and Seed Skincare is suitable for their teenagers to use, and  the answer is a resounding YES!

Wendy and I both have teenagers (boys and girls) who use our skincare  and we actively encourage it. Not just because we make the products, but because we know it’s the best  thing they can put on their young, delicate skin.  

You might have a teen who is in that dreaded cycle of trying a new skincare product every five minutes,  because it’s popular on Tik Tok or Instagram and then the next day they’re using something else.

 Overloading the skin with harsh ingredients or using products that are too rich for their skin can cause all  sorts of skin issues from redness, dryness, spots, and excess oiliness. Then what usually happens is your  teen is then looking for a solution to their troubled skin and they can’t get out of the cycle!

Being a self-confessed skincare obsessive, I have used many products over the years that have wreaked  havoc on my skin! I would buy a new product to fix the problem that the previous one had caused, and  these harsh products were stripping my skin and causing an oil overload! I was totally messing with my  skin’s natural barrier and its ability to balance itself.  
The only way to break the cycle is to start treating the skin with the gentleness and kindness that it  deserves and to repair the skin’s natural barrier.

At Husk & Seed Skincare we do this with 100% natural,  safe, non-toxic ingredients such as cold-pressed, unrefined plant oils and butters, which are naturally  nourishing and repairing. Our Husk & Seed formulations are my sorry gift to my skin for treating it so  harshly over the years.

Of course it’s not just the wrong skincare choices that can cause skin problems – particularly in teens – hormones, stress, pollution, alcohol, medications, the weather…..the list goes on, but sticking to a simple,  gentle routine that doesn’t damage your skin’s natural barrier is the best thing you can do for your skin,  as well as staying out of the sun and drinking plenty of water!  

It’s not just important to pay attention to what skin needs, but also what it doesn’t. Some products  marketed for teenage skin are just too harsh, full of alcohol and exfoliating acids that their skin doesn’t  need.

Here’s what we recommend for teenage skin instead:

• Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm 
Often when teens have oily patches, the temptation is to use harsh, foaming or drying cleansers that strip  all the oil away. The problem is it also strips away their own natural oils. If skin feels squeaky after  cleansing, then the skin’s natural barrier has been compromised and this will trigger all sorts of skin issues!  Our Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm is formulated using natural plant oils and butters including pumpkin  seed oil and capuacu butter to deliver nutrients to the skin instead of stripping it. It gently removes dirt,  toxins, SPF, and all make-up (including waterproof mascara).  


• Calm & Soothe Face Mask
Our calm and Soothe Face Mask is a modern twist on a traditional clay mask as it won't crack or feel tight.  The cucumber and broccoli seed oils in the formulation are great for healing hormonal, unsettled,  blemished skin and can be left on spots or sores overnight to reduce redness and inflammation. The kaolin  clay will absorb excess oil without stripping or drying out the skin.  


• Overnight Replenishing Oil  
Just a couple of drops of this oil at bedtime will deeply nourish and repair skin with our blend of thirteen  organic plant oils, including prickly pear, watermelon and tomato. It’s an abundance of antioxidants and  vitamins to feed the skin. This luxurious oil will also aid a restful night’s sleep with a blend of jasmine and  frankincense to ground and rebalance busy or anxious minds.  


• Super Sensitive Facial Oil 
This deeply nourishing blend of plant seed oils is for ultra-sensitive skin. It’s formulated without essential  oils for those who prefer not to use them or whose skin can’t tolerate them. This can be used day or night,  and a couple of drops is ample for moisturising teenage skin. 


Please do get in touch if you have any questions about teen skin and remember, gently does it!

Love Kelly xx

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