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How to overcome problem skin

We speak to so many new customers daily who are struggling to get skin that feels comfortable, whether it be due to adult acne, dryness, menopausal/hormonal skin issues, oiliness, eczema, dermatitis, wrinkles and fine lines. Our skincare recommendations differ depending on the condition, but we always encourage our customers to look at the bigger picture and address other areas of their lives that might be causing their skin to act out.  Stress, dehydration, poor diet, lack of sleep and hormonal issues can all contribute to skin being unhappy, but Husk & Seed Skincare is all about addressing the inside and the outside to rediscover that inner glow!  

 🌿 Sugar

If you’ve overindulged on the sugar this Easter, then you might find your skin isn’t looking its best.  Sugar breaks down collagen and elastin – the proteins that give your skin structure, shape and firmness - which will eventually lead to sagging.  Sugar is also inflammatory and can cause spots and aggravate conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.  To settle your skin try applying our Calm & Soothe Face Mask to revive your skin.  It will also help to heal any blemishes overnight.  You can also use a Gua Sha massage tool to help with lymphatic drainage.  Our Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Box comes with instructions on how to carry out a simple facial massage that really helps to firm up saggy jaw lines and boosts your circulation for a natural glow!

 🌿 Dehydration

If you’re terrible at drinking water, overdo the alcohol and eat lots of salt then it’s likely your skin is dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water and herbal teas will help get your skin’s lustre back!  You can also eat water-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes to boost your hydration. It really boosts your energy levels too, so there’s nothing to lose! Our Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm applied to damp skin will fix the thirstiest of skins.  You can layer this over either of our facial oils or use alone for plump skin with a lovely glow!

 🌿 Sleep

Sleep is essential for good skin, which I know is easier said than done for lots of us. If you’re struggling with sleep, then try applying our Overnight Replenishing Oil with lavender and frankincense essential oils to help you drift off! The abundance of nutrients in the plant oils will work wonders on your skin while you sleep too!  For next level relaxation throw a couple of capfuls of our Plum & Vetiver Bath Soak into a deep bath to really help you wind down.

 🌿 Stress

Stress is so damaging for the skin, but our skincare is a wonderful self-care tool that will calm your skin and unwind your mind!  Our skincare ritual gives you the time to see how your skin actually feels rather than engaging in a robotic process of cleansing and moisturising.  When you concentrate on how your skin feels, you can then think about what it actually needs.  This can change daily, depending on weather conditions, your hydration levels and stress you’re under.

The physical act of massaging your face can lower your heart rate and is great for lymphatic drainage.  You can massage away tightness in your muscles, whilst increasing the blood flow for a natural glow!  Taking some deep breaths with our hot cloth on your face is truly heaven!  You will feel your shoulders relaxing and by inhaling our essential oil blends you are helping to reduce anxiety, calm your mind and promote a good night’s sleep.   

Good skin boosts confidence and can make us feel good about ourselves.  Skin issues can cause many people to feel anxious and self-conscious. Our gentle skincare ritual calms and balances unhappy, hormonal, menopausal skin and promotes a rosy glow you might not have seen for years!

A little note about lines and wrinkles….following our skincare routine and lifestyle recommendations will most definitely help soften lines and wrinkles, but we don’t believe that any skincare can completely remove lines and wrinkles.  They are a natural part of the ageing process and we strongly believe that ageing is a privilege denied to many, so embrace those laughter lines and be the natural beauty that you are!  And don’t forget your SPF! 😉

Have a lovely evening!

Kelly & Wendy x

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