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Mini Herbal Tea Ritual For You - Husk & Seed

Mini Herbal Tea Ritual For You

Tea meditation also helps reduce stress. You can do this by taking a short pause during a busy day and follow the tea meditation tips to help feeling much better. We hope you enjoy your tea and encourage you to give our meditation a try…..

Hold your cup of tea with two hands. If it is too hot place it on the table and hold your hands close so you can feel the warmth.

Sit up or stand up straight.  Look inside the cup, see the colours and shapes and silhouettes of the steam moving around. If you would like you can close your eyes.

Take a slow intentional breath. Take one more – try to breath more slowly if you can. As you do this gently let go of any negative thoughts which are stuck in your mind. Gently release them without comment.

Feel the warmth of the cup. Focus on the ball of energy between your hands. Allow the energy to travel up your arms, into your shoulders and slowly through your body.

Smell the aromas arising from the tea. Become aware of the wonderful smell of the herbs that have been steeped in water. Allow them to flow into your nose and as you exhale feel the relaxation through your body.

Now bring the cup close to your mouth to take a sip. Notice the smell of the tea intensify as the cup gets closer. Take a sip and enjoy the favours. Imagine it’s the first time you’ve tasted herbal tea. Allow the herbs to relax your body and calm your mind

Put the tea down and cup the warm hands over your eyes and feel the heat radiate from  your hands and into your face. Feel the muscles of your face relax.

Open your eyes, and feel the short break has given you the space and clarity to continue your day.

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