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Relaxing ‘self-care Sunday’ ideas to help you recharge ahead of a new week - Husk & Seed

Relaxing ‘self-care Sunday’ ideas to help you recharge ahead of a new week

 1. Change into your comfy clothes.

Changing into soft, comfortable clothes after a week in jeans or a suit is a lovely way to treat yourself at the end of a hard week and can make you feel warmer too.

2. Look after your skin

Skincare, but boost it up. Whether you fancy giving yourself a short faclal massage with your Overnight Replenishing Facial Oil, slathering Calm & Soothe Face Mask or simply taking your time with an extra cleanse, taking some time to really love your skin and focus on the routine can promote mindfulness, keep you in the moment and take your mind off away from any stress you may be feeling.

3. Make a list

If you find yourself worrying about the week ahead, try writing it down. List your tasks in order of priority and cross them off when they are complete.  

It’s surprising how effect taking notes can be at clearing your mind.

4. Stretch

Make time to practice some stretches or yoga to help to release any physical tension you’re holding in your body from sitting at a desk or driving around the last week. 

5. Have a tidy 

It can be incredibly satisfying to have a little sort out and clear the space around you. Set yourself up for a good week ahead by getting things in order and having one less item on your to-do list. 

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