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The beauty of Bio-Retinol ✨ - Husk & Seed

The beauty of Bio-Retinol ✨

Shining the Spotlight on Bakuchiol: A Gentle Powerhouse for Radiant Skin  
We often get asked about retinol products and whether they can be incorporated into a Husk & Seed Skincare ritual. There’s no reason why you can’t do that, but if like Wendy and I, retinol irritates your skin or you prefer the natural approach, then you don’t worry! There’s a natural alternative!

We use bakuchiol as a key ingredient in our Vitamin-Rich Botanical Day Oil, which delivers similar results to retinol, but without the negative side effects. This plant powered powerhouse hosts a treasure trove of benefits for all skin types. 

What is Bakuchiol? 
Bakuchiol is a bio-retinol extract derived from the seeds of the Babchi plant, a herb with a long  history in Ayurvedic medicine. It boasts impressive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant  properties, making it your best friend for healthy, glowing skin. 

Bakuchiol's Superpowers for Your Skin: 
• Stimulates collagen production: our collagen production declines as we age, which  can lead to lines and sagging skin. Bakuchiol offers a gentle, yet effective way to  stimulate collagen production for firmer, plumper skin.  

• Sun Damage Defense: Bakuchiol's antioxidant properties help to shield the skin  from free radicals caused by UV rays and pollution, preventing premature aging and  hyperpigmentation.

• Perfect for Sensitive Skin: Bakuchiol is incredibly gentle. This makes it a perfect  choice for those with sensitive skin or those who find retinol too harsh.

• Blemish Fighter: Bakuchiol tackles spots and blemishes on two fronts. First, it helps  regulate sebum production. Excess sebum can clog pores and lead to breakouts, so  by balancing the sebum levels, it minimises the risk of clogged pores. Additionally,  its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe redness and irritation often associated  with blemishes, promoting a calmer, clearer complexion.

So, is Bakuchiol for You? 
If you're looking for a natural way to achieve a youthful, radiant complexion, bakuchiol is  worth exploring. It's gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types and offers a range  of benefits that cater to a variety of concerns. Remember, consistency is key! Give bakuchiol  a few weeks to work its magic, and you'll be surprised at the natural glow and youthful  bounce it brings to your skin.

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