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6 Reasons to make the swap to natural skincare

When Kelly and I set up Husk & Seed (or Meadow as some of you may remember us originally), it was top of our list to make waterless, 100% natural and sustainable products. We wanted to offer our customers concentrated formulas that would last a good while and make massive improvements to their skin and wellbeing. We know that artificial substances aren’t good for us or our skin (or our planet), but do we know just how bad they really are?

Take a look at all the health and other reasons why you have made the absolute best decision for yourself to invest in natural skincare products…

1. Natural Skincare Products Contain No Harmful Ingredients

Brace yourself. These are just some of the harmful chemicals found in common beauty products that you probably apply to your skin every day….


Phthalates can mimic human hormones, so they wreak havoc with your endocrine system. They can cause reproductive, developmental, and neurological damage.

Often, they're hidden under the label 'fragrance'. 

Parabens, Octinoxate, & Siloxanes

Parabens, like Isobutylparaben, are frequently used as preservatives in cosmetics and skincare products. According to the European Commission on Endocrine Disruption, parabens can cause hormone malfunction and obesity.

What's more, these harmful chemicals easily penetrate human skin. Steer clear of all products with ingredients ending in -methicone or -siloxane and steer clear of them.

2. Natural Beauty Products Smell Better

If you look at almost any hyper-allergenic product or one that's designed for sensitive skin, you'll notice that it's fragrance-free. That's because, as we've seen above, harsh chemicals are responsible for the gorgeous, albeit fake, scents in most beauty products.

When you opt for natural beauty products, there's no need to forego the wonderful scents of flowers and herbs. In fact, essential oils  like jasmine, lavender, blue yarrow and frankincense can help soothe irritated inflamed skin.

3. Natural Skin Care is Gentle on Your Skin

You probably know by now that your skin is the largest, living and breathing organ on your body. Your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you apply on it. It goes into your bloodstream and ends up circulating around your whole body !

The ingredients in organic skincare products meet the same criteria as organic foods. So they're literally good enough to eat. You’ll  get real nutritional benefits from natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body, allowing your skin to better balance and mend itself. For example, natural organic ingredients such as coconut oil, milk thistle, rosehip oil  and shea butter, are known to soothe, nourish, moisturize and promote smooth and soft skin. 

4. Natural Skin Care is Kind to Animals

Two words - 'laboratory testing'.

While many major cosmetic companies claim to be cruelty-free, they're using principles that have resulted from animal testing. So, while they might not be directly responsible for harming laboratory animals, they're still benefiting from earlier studies that did.

Most (unfortunately not all) natural cosmetics brands that are vegan and cruelty-free do not conduct any animal tests. There's no need to when you're using ingredients that come from pure, natural sources, with no harmful additives.

5. Natural Skin Care Works Better

Organically grown plants have a higher level of antioxidants than their non-organic peers. Antioxidants help protect your skin from free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and prevent pigmentation.

That means you can expect better results from natural products than any other kind of skincare.

6. It's Cheaper in the Long Run

Using concentrated, waterless skincare products mean good value for money, since you're not paying for fillers like water that do absolutely nothing for you.

Active ingredients usually only make up about 10% of synthetic skincare products since there's a legal limit to how many chemicals you can include in these products.

Since their products are totally harmless, natural skincare producers like us can cram as much goodness as possible into every bottle or tube without fear of harmful side effects. So, you'll use less of the product to get the results you need too.

7. Engage with yourself (okay we snuck this one in!)

As qualified therapists for both body & mind, we know that a good skincare ritual is as beneficial for your mental health as it is to your skin health. The Husk & Seed Skincare ritual offers you some well-earned me-time to bookend your busy days, and re-engage with yourself through your senses.

Every jar and bottle we we create is crafted from scratch using natural ingredients. We never outsource - everything is made by us with the love and care you deserve.

Thank you for being on our journey with us – we care enormously about our customers and want to give them the best skincare we possibly can. 

Love Wendy x

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