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At Husk & Seed we don’t do dry (skin) January! - Husk & Seed

At Husk & Seed we don’t do dry (skin) January!

Winter Skin Woes? Say No Way with Husk & Seed!

Why Your Skin Feels Like a Desert in Winter: Unsurprisingly we see a rise in new customers at this time of year looking for relief from dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin and those who suffer with rosacea. This is due to the changes in humidity and how much moisture is available to the skin. Cold weather and central heating can dry out our skin’s natural barrier leaving it feeling rough, dehydrated, itchy, red and sore. 

Simplify, Don't Strip: Gentle Care for Happy Winter Skin: We recommend keeping your skincare routine simple and avoid overloading it with harsh products that can irritate the skin further. Also, avoid having really hot showers and baths as this will further dehydrate your skin and cause more irritation. 

Your Winter Skin Heroes: Husk & Seed to the Rescue!

Hero #1: Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm: My first go-to product for cold winter mornings (after using the Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm) is most definitely the Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm, which can be layered over the Vitamin-Rich Botanical Day Oil or used alone. The balm texture provides an excellent protective barrier against wind and cold, thanks to the deeply moisturising plant butters -capuacu, babassu and shea nilotica- and our hydrating plant oils - sea buckthorn, rosehip, argan and hemp. You can apply the balm to damp skin too for an extra hydration boost! 

Hero #2: Ultra Protective Lip & Hand Balm:
My second recommendation for saving winter skin is our Ultra Protective Lip & Hand Balm, which we keep saying we’re going to rename to something like Miracle Balm, because that’s what it is!  It can be used anywhere (not just lips and hands) that has those tricky dry patches that you think are never going to go away.  I talk to a lot of customers who say this has really helped with eczema patches on places like eyelids, elbows, hairline or ears. This is part of our super-sensitive range so it is free from essential oils, making it ideal for more delicate areas such as eyelids.  

I rely on this product so much for my hands as I can never find any gloves in the morning so, although my hands are freezing, I know they are at least protected from the cold and I avoid those painful, dry, cracked knuckles! 

Ready to discover your glowing winter skin? Shop our winter skin essentials now and get in touch if you have any questions.

Stay warm, love Kelly xx
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