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Beauty Sleep: 5 Night time Skin Care Routine Tips That Work - Husk & Seed

Beauty Sleep: 5 Night time Skin Care Routine Tips That Work

While we sleep, our bodies are working hard to expel toxins, re-energising us and rejuvenating our skin. But we can help it along with some simple additions to our bedtime ritual....

  1. Double Cleanse. Whether you wear makeup or not, a deep cleanse is essential in the evening. It will remove dirt, toxins and excess oil. You should never go to bed with an unwashed face, as all of those impurities and dirt will just sit on your skin, clogging pores and preventing it from breathing. 
  1. Create a mini-spa moment. If you find you have a little more time in the evening to relax a bit utilise the moments before bed to pamper your skin with some extra treatments. Take a relaxing bath and apply a face mask to draw out any impurities from your day to ensure your skin is clean before bedtime.
  1. Apply an oil-based product. Skin is more permeable at night and will absorb more of whatever you apply. You can go a bit heavier with an oil or balm overnight and let it get to work while you're resting. 
  1. Treat yourself to a regular nighttime ritual. Having an evening routine is a form of self-care. It can help calm the body and prepare for sleep. Getting adequate sleep is very important for skin health and a natural glow, especially as you age. 
  1. Switch off. Put your phone away earlier than you might usually do, read a magazine, cue up your favourite meditation app, brew a relaxing cup of herbal tea, whatever you like to do to help you wind down and catch some zzz's.
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