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Is your skin showing signs of overindulgence?

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and found time to relax, let your hair down and enjoy some well-earned treats!  I’ve overdone the cheese board, the red wine and the chocolate this Christmas, but for me that’s all part of the festivities! Of course, once you’re past 40, you can’t enjoy yourself without having to pay the price somehow and for many of us it will show on our faces.  Our diet, lack of routine, late nights and alcohol all take their toll.  If you’re skin’s unhappy with you having a good time, it might look dull, spotty, dehydrated or saggy, but don’t worry!  Husk & Seed Skincare have tips and products that will have your healthy glow back in no time!

Cut back on the sugar

If you like to indulge in sugary treats, you might find that this is wreaking havoc on your skin.  Sugar breaks down collagen and elastin – the proteins that give your skin structure, shape and firmness - which will eventually lead to wrinkles and sagging.  Sugar is also inflammatory and can cause spots and aggravate conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.   If I’ve had too much sugar, my face feels puffy and uneven in texture.  I have a couple of solutions. I apply our Calm & Soothe Face Mask for as long as possible to revive my skin.  I’m not prone to spots, but if you are this will heal any blemishes overnight.  I also like to use a Gua Sha massage tool to help with lymphatic drainage.  One of our bestsellers over Christmas was our Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Box.  It comes with instructions on how to carry out a simple facial massage that really helps to firm up saggy jaw lines and boosts your circulation for a natural glow!

Rehydrate your body & skin 

If you’ve overdone the alcohol, salt and sugar then its likely your skin is dehydrated. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas to get your skin’s lustre back!  You can also eat water-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes to boost your hydration. Our Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm applied to damp skin will fix the driest and most dehydrated skins.  I have a dehumidifier in my house, which is not my skin’s friend (great for getting my washing dry though!)  I have relied on this balm this winter to replace the moisture that the dehumidifier is zapping from my skin!  

 Catch up on some sleep

I’m very rarely in bed before 11.30pm, but over the holidays I’ve managed a couple of 10pm bedtimes and it really does make a difference to my energy levels and to my skin.  This strange time between Christmas and New Year is perfect for that me-time you’ve been promising yourself so why not have a relaxing bath before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep.  Throw in a couple of capfuls of our Plum & Vetiver Bath Soak to really take the relaxation to the next level!  I never go to sleep without our Overnight Replenishing Oil on my skin as the lavender and frankincense help me get to sleep and I love the fact that the abundance of nutrients in the plant oils are working on my skin while I sleep.  Wendy and I wish you all a very healthy and happy 2023!  Love Kelly xx

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