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Grainy Balm? - here's how to reset it

The extremely hot summer and then the big winter freeze has given the mango butter in some of our balms the chance to be a total prima donna! In some cases the temperature changes has caused the mango butter lipids to separate and become grainy as it integrates with the other plant oils after experiencing temperature fluctuations.

In good news, this doesn't affect your jar one bit, and you are free to dive in, though we fully understand the consistency you are looking for and if the beads are taking too long too melt in your palms this is how you can reset your balm back to it's expected smooth gorgeousness.

Here's what to do:

If you have a tin - the easiest way to reset it is to place it on a radiator for 30 mins and then into the freezer for an hour (be careful touching the tin, use a towel to pick it up as it will get hot).

If you have a jar…

• Screw the lid on nice and tight and place the jar on a hot radiator or in a bowl of VERY HOT/NEAR-BOILING water. The goal is to fully re-melt the entirety of the jar to a warm, uniform fluid. This takes just about 8 minutes when I do this at home!

• Place the still-warm jar gently into the freezer overnight, where it will reset to a solid. (be careful when handling hot glass - use a towel).

• Let it return to room temperature and enjoy! 

[The biggest thing to keep in mind is the transition from warm liquid to cold. A quick warm-to-cool transition is what makes the silky texture. This is the secret!]

Please feel free to reach out at any time if we can further support you or answer any other questions. We want you to be 100% happy when using our products. If for any reason this process doesn’t work for you please get back in touch.

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