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Managing Peri-Menopausal Skin

If you are in your late thirties or forties it’s quite possible that you are peri-menopausal. This is the period of time before the menopause that can last for years! It can bring with it many symptoms that most women assume are caused by the stress of their busy lifestyles, but are actually caused by their depleting oestrogen levels. Symptoms can include, changes in your periods, anxiety, forgetfulness, sleep troubles, tiredness, headaches, muscle and joint pain, feeling faint or hot flushes. Wendy and I are both in our forties and between us we have all of these symptoms!

Another symptom we’ve both noticed is how our skin has changed with age. You may have noticed too that your skin feels drier, duller, fine lines might appear more prominent or you might even have the return of acne from your teenage years! My skin is definitely less oily as I’ve aged and, dare I say it, hairier too! These changes are also due to depleting levels of oestrogen, which produces sebum that keeps skin moisturised, hyaluronic acid that keeps skin plump and collagen that gives skin its strength and structure. As oestrogen levels fall, so do your levels of sebum, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Changes in your testosterone levels can cause skin to produce more sebum, leading to blocked pores and breakouts. 

During this time of change we want to be looking after our skin in the gentlest way possible. We don’t want to be using harsh scrubs or stripping it of it’s natural oils as this will lead to further dryness and irritation. At Husk & Seed we always recommend having a decent cleansing routine to rid your skin of make-up, dirt and toxins that have built up during the day. Our Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm is perfect for leaving your skin thoroughly cleansed without stripping your skin. In fact, it will leave you feeling so moisturised thanks to the mango butter and pumpkin seed oil it contains!

Our Vitamin-Rich Botanical Day Oil contains some fantastic ingredients for caring for peri-menopausal skin, in particular the bakuchiol, which is a natural retinol alternative so will plump, smooth fine lines and even skin texture. 

The Overnight Replenishing Oil is wonderfully moisturising for skin that feels parched and as an added bonus, it will aid a restful nights sleep thanks to the lavender and jasmine oils.

We want you to feel happy and confident in the skin you’re in and our bundle of products will deliver just that! We’ve got your skincare sorted so it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re peri-menopausal! 

All of our products are 100% natural, plant based and offer the best skin nutrients that nature has to offer.

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