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Having Skin Troubles?

Having skin troubles? Your skincare products could be problem!

 Having troublesome skin can cause huge insecurities for some people and it can often result in spending hundreds of pounds on trying to find that miracle product to give you perfect, clear skin.  It can be extremely frustrating when nothing seems to work, especially when you’re buying more and more lotions and potions, to no avail!  Not only is it costly, but it’s highly likely that this cycle is contributing to your skin’s problems.  Overloading the skin with harsh ingredients or using products that are too rich for your skin can cause all sorts of skin issues from redness, dryness, spots, and excess oiliness.

Being a self-confessed skincare obsessive, I have used many products over the years that have wreaked havoc on my skin!  I would a buy new product to fix the problem that the previous one had caused! I had labelled myself as an oily skin type, but in hindsight I can see that I wasn’t oily at all.  These harsh products were stripping my skin and causing an oil overload!  I was totally messing with my skin’s natural barrier and its ability to balance itself.

I knew I had to start treating my skin with the gentleness and kindness that it deserved.   I started formulating my own skincare out of natural ingredients that didn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals, fillers and unsafe ingredients I’d previously exposed my skin to (I don’t even want to think about the sun damage I must have from my teenage years of putting carrot oil on my face to get a tan!)   Our Meadow Skincare formulations contain only 100% natural, safe ingredients, including cold-pressed, unrefined plant oils and butters, which are super nourishing and repairing.  Not an artificial ingredient in sight!  Formulating Meadow Skincare is my sorry gift to my skin for treating it so harshly over the years.  I now have balanced, clear and untroubled skin!

Of course it’s not just the wrong skincare choices that can cause skin problems – the weather, pollution, stress, menopause, medication, hormones, alcohol…..the list goes on, but sticking to a simple, gentle routine that doesn’t damage your skin’s natural barrier is the best thing you can do for your skin, as well as staying out of the sun and drinking plenty of water!

It’s worth paying attention to your skin and getting to know what it needs and also what it doesn’t!  My skin doesn’t need the richness of the Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm, which is formulated for dry to very dry skin types, whereas Wendy’s skin drinks it in!  I only need a couple off drops of the Overnight Replenishing Oil to keep my skin moisturised.   Look for signs of dehydration in your skin. If I’m dehydrated, I get lines appearing on my forehead and the pores on my cheeks can appear larger.  It’s easily sorted with a few glasses of water!

If your skin appears dull, it might need a good exfoliation.  Make sure you’re keeping your skin clean and that you’re not going to bed with make-up or SPF on.   If you have oily patches, don’t be tempted to use a product that’s also going to strip your skin’s natural oils away.  Just gently cleanse your skin and apply a soothing face mask.   Our calm and Soothe Face Mask will absorb excess oil without stripping or drying out the skin.  Its reparative and is also fantastic at healing spots, pimples and redness too!

So just remember, gently does it.  Your skin will thank you for it! x

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