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Love The Skin You're In

"The jeans might be a bit tight after lockdown but I'm still cleansing twice a day!" - Wendy, Co-Founder, Meadow

September is the time my kids go back to school and I'm able to start thinking about letting go of some of the bad habits I've got into over the last few months. So - less cake, less wine! More water, more exercise and more practicing what we preach here at Meadow. Kelly is amazing at keeping up her regular skincare routine and makes sure to cleanse morning and night, applying Calm & Soothe Face Mask twice a week without fail. I'm more likely to fall asleep with my make-up on or forget how much I love to take my Facial Exfoliant into the shower with me. As a result I can see little pimples starting to appear and my fine lines are a little more defined than when I'm layering oils and butters on my face. In general I'm in need of my Meadow routine again!

So September is the time I'm promising myself to get back into my Meadow routine. I'm going to be double cleansing, using my mask, and treating my body to our Instant Hydration Body Balm. I've put a tin of Ultra Protective Lip & Hand Balm in the car - my hands and lips are super dry from washing and from this super hot sun!

How are you all getting on? Feeling the same? Why don't you join me on my skin detox? Don't forget to drink plenty of water and try to get some good nightly rest too. It all helps!

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