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The Value of Self-Care

I recognise that you probably weren’t up at 6am this morning squeezing lemon juice into your water and preparing your daily wheatgrass shot, whilst getting ready for your early morning jog. I know I certainly wasn't!

Many moons ago when I was 19, I worked as a flight attendant. I would always inform passengers that in the event of an emergency you must ‘put your own mask on first before helping others’. Interestingly, this resonates with me more now in my 40’s than it ever did then. I absolutely understand now that it’s only possible to really take care of others if you’ve taken care of yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup! Perhaps, like me, you find yourself simultaneously looking after young children and aging parents, whilst running a business or working full time. If I don’t take a moment for myself, I can’t be any help to those who need me.

In the past I’ve not been great at self-care, but recently I’ve been trying to incorporate little things into my life that aren’t too time consuming but make a noticeable difference to my wellbeing. Wendy and I have started to do 5 minutes of meditation each morning and it’s surprising what a difference it makes! A few deep breaths and a bit of focus really calms the mind and we’ve both felt more energetic! (We’ve been using the Serenity app, which is free for the first 7 days if you want to try it! Link below). We walk the children to school every day instead of driving and we’re trying to drink more water. I’ve had days recently where I realise that I’ve not had one single glass, only 3 or 4 coffees!

The one self-care ritual that we both follow religiously is our skincare routine. For us, the Meadow ritual isn’t just about keeping our skin looking its best, it’s also about taking 5 minutes of the day where, a bit like the meditating, we can stop and breathe (with the added bonus of breathing in some healing and calming essential oils). I love the feeling of the hot cloth on my face. I can physically feel my shoulders easing and the muscles around my eyes relaxing. The steam helps release the essential oils from the cleansing balm to help unwind the mind.
By taking just 5-minutes of self-care in the morning and evening you can feel more grounded, less anxious and ready to tackle the hustle and bustle of daily life.
As a Meadow VIP customer, we’re encouraging you over the Christmas holidays to take a moment for yourself, away from the demands of seasonal duties and immerse yourself in the Meadow experience.
I hope you have a restful weekend, whatever your plans.

Best wishes,
Kelly x

P.S. Do you have friends who you think would love what we do? Forward them this e-mail as they also might need a moment a calm! And don’t forget you earn points for each referral with their first order. We can’t wait to meet them!

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