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Why Husk & Seed is a skincare ritual, not a routine - Husk & Seed

Why Husk & Seed is a skincare ritual, not a routine

The beauty industry commonly refers to how we take care of our skin as our skincare routine.  At Husk & Seed we refer to using our products as a skincare ritual.  A routine to us is something that is done automatically, on autopilot and without much thought.  A routine can also become boring!

A ritual is a
n act that involves being present, mindful and is done with intention.  We see our skincare ritual as a self-care tool – a time to unwind in the evening, relax and let go of the day’s anxieties.  

We all wash our faces in the evening (we hope!) as part of our daily routine, but how we do that can have an effect not only on our skin health, but also our wellbeing.  A couple of splashes of water or a quick swipe with a face wipe has little benefit to the skin or mind.  Using skincare in a ritualistic manner has numerous benefits and doesn’t have to take long!  For example, by using our cleansing balm you will turn a usually boring task into a spa-like moment, where you can take your time to massage the balm into the skin, inhaling the essential oils as you go, to ground you and relax you.

Removing the balm with a hot cloth not only provides you with a deep cleanse to remove all the day’s toxins, but also provides a moment of deep relaxation and a moment to breathe.  

Following these ritualistic steps with each product you apply will calm your skin and unwind your mind.  

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