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Trouble sleeping? Our top products for a better night’s sleep - Husk & Seed

Trouble sleeping? Our top products for a better night’s sleep

As someone who has always struggled to sleep through the night, it was imperative to me that our Husk & Seed Skincare could not only bring about beautiful, healthy skin, but could also help our customers unwind and get better quality sleep. It shows on our skin when we’re not sleeping properly, so the two go hand in hand for me. My sleep problems stem from having an under-active thyroid, where I would wake up every couple of hours and struggle to get back to sleep. Then when I started getting menopausal hot flushes, I was awake most of the night! This nightly ritual has really helped me get better quality sleep. Give it a try if you’re struggling to sleep too…
This deeply relaxing bath soak is a blend of Himalayan salts and skin-loving ingredients that will ease tired, overworked muscles. We have blended essential oils frankincense, vetiver and mandarin to reduce stress and tension that will aid a restful night’s sleep. You can also add some to the bottom of your shower to make a steamer if you prefer.
Once you’re out of the bath or shower and your face is cleansed, spend a moment massaging this luxurious oil into your face, neck and decolletage. Take a minute to breathe in the essential oils, which have huge benefits for the mind. Frankincense and cedarwood are great for relieving tension and anxiety. Lavender and jasmine help to aid sleep, patchouli is extremely grounding and grapefruit is balancing. It’s a gorgeous oil that feels like a cosy blanket on your face!
This new wellness balm is already becoming a firm favourite! This is a delicate balm formulated with vetiver, sweet orange and oat to help you calm and relax your mind before bedtime or in times of stress. I apply the balm across the decolletage and on my temple once I’m in bed and it feels and smells divine!
I also find it helpful to focus on my breathing at bedtime when I can’t switch off and my brain decides to think of everything and anything! Try listening to the sound of your breathing to draw your mind away from all the chatter. It will really help you drift off.
We have plenty of 5-star reviews from customers who have found these products have improved their sleep. Head over to the website and have a read!
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